Dancehall rhythms grew from Jamaica into different diaspora language regions and worldwide popularity.


French youth flock to learn Dancehall codes.

Dancehall Kreyol choreo

<< Video 1: Diane Eliot choreographs a crowd to the Kreyol lyrics of 'Debrouya' by Admiral T (2004), one of Guadeloupe's most successful dancehall artists.

Video 2: (coming soon) demonstration of Old School dancehall steps by Diane.

Dancehall in the streets

Two choreographies by Bibiw.

<< Bad is a New School tune, fresh from January 2021. Musician Blaiz Fyah is 'mainly' from Paris, according to an interview in 2017. This choreo to Bad got 15,000 likes on Instagram in June 2021.

Bogle is classic Old-School dancehall from 1992, by the Jamaican superstar Buju Banton. >>

Thanks to Motion Lab for closeup footage, from their 2021 summer workshops.

dancehall interviews

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