Exhibition / archive prototype website, interviews, research, audio and video by
Deirdre Molloy (the author).

Portrait Credits

Lucky – YouTube video by Riverside Theatre, screenshot by author
Kako, Diane – photography by author
Ade Ola/Adam Pascall – photographer TBC, source YouTube
Bibiw – photographer TBC, source: Facebook public profile
Damon – photo by Bobby Bonsey
Brenda Jean – photographer TBC
Joyss – photo by Marina Achkasova, 2018 Desert Stomp

Space-time image credits

From the top of the page, where not credited in situ.
Braids: photo montage based on the art of So Yoon Lym
Porcupine Quills (circle) photo by Drew Avery 2009.
Colourful textiles: Kente silk, Asante people, photo: British Museum
Circular thatch: photo by Robert Howard 2015.
Slideshow background: detail of Beautiful Mother mask credited in the slide: various tribes of Guinea, photo: Yale University Art Gallery
Slave ship: The Seraphic Marie of Nantes, by René Lhermitte 1770, Musee d’Histoire de Nantes.
Slave ship: The Brookes Slave Ship by Thomas Clarkson in 1787, published 1808, source: The British Library
Surviving/Continuum/Syncretisation: the author mapped rhythm names and flows, and European cultural influences onto a map of 17-18thC slave trade by Chaliand et al 1995.
Cakewalk c.1900 Photographs & Prints Division, Schombug Centre for Research in Black Culture, the New York Public Library, Astor, Lenox and Tilden Foundations – "an international dance craze," mocking colonial manners in Malone (1996) p.91
Rhythm Atlantic: the author mapped rhythms onto a stock image from Vecteezy

Blues page

The author mapped rhythms onto an Encyclopaedia Britannica map of The Great Migration. It's visual narrative distilling a wide range of readings and consultation with Damon Stone and Brenda Russell. These rhythm maps are a work in progress that would benefit from consultation with a musicologist, to correllate musical idioms with specific time periods, for example.

Header & Footer Photos
Header banners by author except
1) Space-Time header
: Google slides template default.
2) Caribbean header: source/photographer unknown.
3) West Africa header: image courtesy of Lucky Lartey, photograper unknown.

This page footer: icons of Asante textile art montage based on informally archived Adrinka icons from Both symbols express the aphorism of Sankofa, "learn from the past."

This page header: mural in the Tabacalera studios, Lavapies, Madrid 2017, photo by author.

Additional sound: Damon Stone interview Part 3 (26.02.2021), is edited and reproduced here by kind permission of The Blues Room.

Additional video: Bibiw closeup videos edited and reproduced by kind permission of Motion Lab.

West African YouTube playlist: videos from various sources as listed on YouTube.

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This multimedia ethnography concept aims to seed a coherent African Diaspora identity narrative, network and resources in hearts, minds and institutions worldwide. This exhibition prototype is a work in progress. Collaborative, curatorial, or media enquires welcome.


Eternal gratitude to those who trusted me with their stories, enriched this resource and supported my studies with their knowledge. Thanks also to my dance partner, Ophelie.Reconnaissance éternelle aux artistes qui m'ont confies leurs histoires et ont enrichis cette resource et soutenus mes etudes de leurs connaissances. Merci a Ophelie, ma partenaire de danse.This website is submitted as as part of a Ethnochoreology Masters Arts Practice thesis, to the University of Limerick, Ireland in 2021.